New user with six performance issues - some might be related?

Sorry, I’ve no idea what the template means when it talks about “reproducing the issue” or the “expected result.”

I’m new to Brave and I’m using Version 1.21.74 Chromium: 89.0.4389.72 (Official Build) (64-bit) with Windows 7 Home Premium.

These are the 6 performance issues I’m experiencing, I hope my descriptions are sufficiently detailed and clear:

  1. The speed of downloads from BBC iPlayer reduces by approx 60% via Brave (regular window, not Tor) compared to via Firefox. Is there anything I can do to rectify this so that downloading on Brave is as fast as it is on Firefox?

  2. Typing in any kind of live chat using Brave, the text “stutters” – either it freezes briefly, or no letters come out as I type, then suddenly they all appear at once; a combination of both happens continually. Doesn’t happen on Firefox, Chrome or Edge – why does it happen on Brave? Is there anything I can do to rectify the issue so that text appears smoothly as it is being typed without stopping and starting?

Also, Brave doesn’t kill ads that appear within live chat whereas Firefox + AdblockPlus did. Would it be overkill to use Adblock Plus with Brave?

  1. I use Bitdefender and when I ran it on Firefox, every time I opened a banking site or PayPal, Bitdefender Safepay would kick in automatically. But on Brave, Bitdefender Safeday no longer seems to recognise banking/payment/financial sites and won’t open at all. What’s stopping Bitdefender Safepay from recognising potential financial transactions in Brave and how can the problem be solved?

  2. If I close the Brave browser in error and try to reopen it straight away, the desktop shortcut is always completely unresponsive - in fact the shortcut only become responsive again after I reboot. How can I rectify this so that the Brave shortcut is always responsive?

  3. After I close the Brave browser (regular window, not Tor), all the personalised settings in my Fastmail email account are lost and I have to reset them every single time I sign in to Fastmail from a new window which is hugely annoying.

Brave is saving some settings – eg. the zoom percentages I’ve set to enlarge the text on various websites always remain in place, but the Fastmail settings do not. One of the reasons I quit Firefox was that the same thing started happening following an update – it seemed to be a bug which was reported on Bugzilla, but hadn’t been fixed by the time I got sick of having to reset my email several times a day. Hugely frustrating to find it happening here too. I need all the settings to be saved permanently - how can this be achieved?

  1. Another issue with settings: whenever I’m prompted to ask whether I want passwords saved, I always click ‘Never’ but then I still get asked if I want the password saved every single time I visit the same sites where I’ve already answered ‘Never’. I’m guessing this could be related to the unsaved settings issue described in (5) above? Once I’ve replied ‘Never’, I don’t expect to be asked again: how can this be rectified?

Any help that anyone can offer will be gratefully received!

Thanks in advance.



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