Brave browser is so freaking slow!

I am a new user to Brave. I decided to give it a go due to privacy issues and I am fed up with FF not working as well as Chrome for many of the extensions I need and use everyday. I have also tried Opera which was dismissed due to the poor translation and spell check features. Basically Chrome is perfect for me expect for the privacy issues.

So far Brave seems like it could be a great alternative to Chrome and just what I am looking for. I like the new addition of being able to use the Chrome extensions although appreciate the privacy issues.

The main issue I am having at the moment is it is so slow when several tabs are open. Its painfully slow to be honest.

My system is still fairly decent, i5 quad core, 12GB ram, GTX 960 2GB, 512 SSD, Windows 10. It does me for what I need but running Brave it doesn’t not seem enough…

I have a few extensions installed, they are LastPass, Screenshot Capture, Pocket, Click&Clean, uBlock, Privacy Badger and AdBlock. I also have ScriptSafe but I only use it on unknown websites.

When I check Task Manager sometimes it shows anything from 25-35 running processor’s for Brave alone, sometimes these can be using upto 75% of my memory! I never had any issues like this with Chrome and used the same extensions.

I am willing to give it a few more days but the poor performance is wasting too much of my time when working while waiting for websites to load and its annoying as hell.

I am using the latest version of Brave.

I am wondering if anyone is experiencing this issue, if so are the devs aware of this and is anything being done about it?
I know you guys are working hard, I appreciate everything you are doing for the community and I am sure I will come back to Brave at some point in the future but for the time being I am unsure if its a browser I can use for work due to the speed issues.

Hi, it could be one or more of these extensions that slow down the browser in your case. Brave does not (yet?) seem to “get along” with all Chrome extensions. Remember that these were actually developed for Google Chrome.

Do you have the speed problem even when all extensions are disabled?

Hi, I’m afraid this isn’t exact. Is your version above 0.25 or 0.26, or one of these versions?
I’d like to write you the exact, current version number, but there are currently “complications” between my antivirus program & brave, so I can’t look in the browser. :confused:

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Hi MediaBird,

Thanks for the reply. The version I am currently using is:

**Version 0.58.16 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit). I downloaded it yesterday from the Brave website and installed it just to ensure it was up to date before I posted here.

I will test by disabling different extensions throughout the day and report back.

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