New User Questions (not necessarily issues)

I just (this morning) gave Brave a try on a Windows 10 system. My “normal” browser is Firefox…

A couple questions. The tabs are above the address bar. I went looking and found some discussions last year about this, and the end result appeared to be “We’re based on Chrome so you’re stuck with the tabs the way they do them.” Is this true or am I missing a customization? Or, is there an add-on (as there is in Firefox) to move them below the address bar?

Whenever I hit the New Tab, I’m expecting the browser to open the page I set - in my case This works when I open the browser (I set the “On Startup”), but after that every time I hit New Tab I get a picture with stats instead of the google page I’m expecting. Is there a setting I"m missing to tell it to open the specific page every time I open a new tab rather than only at startup?

I’m not sure about extension. But we’ve a discussion about this here

And we also have an open issue about this.

Currently there’s no option available for that – to customize Nee Tab Page. The team is working on it.

If you want, for now, you can install extension to override Brave’s NTP.

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