Tabs Below Address Bar

So I just got the new update. I really don’t like it.

The thing I liked most about Brave, besides it’s unique look and easy to manage ad blocker/script blocker, is the fact that it was the only browser left that I could find that had the tabs below the address bar, rather than the tabs on top, which I absolutely hate.

Tabs below the address bar makes switching tabs so much more convenient and quick for me, I usually need access to my address bar way less often than I do my tabs, which I jump between regularly.

Would it be possible to put some sort of option in the Preferences menu to allow for “Tabs below Address Bar” for people who want the classic Brave look?

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We get this a lot. See this thread for good discussion on the topic:

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So I’m discovering other issues that are driving me crazy now

No Private tabs? That is such an awesome, unique feature, why take it away?

The shield UI is a mess, I pretty much have to completely disable shields to make any site work, I can no longer disable stuff line by line like I could before. It seems like most of the text is gone so you can’t tell what anything does. The whole thing is pretty much functionally useless now.

What was the point of this transition? It seems like such a massive downgrade. I mean, if I wanted to use Chromium, I’d just use Chromium. This browser went from being one of my favorite browsers ever to a barely useable Chrome clone.

What is going on? What is being done to fix this?

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To fix what? It sounds like you have some issues with the direction we’ve taken and that you are experiencing some issues with the browser that you have pre-concluded as a failure on our part.

Shields UI works great. But if you navigate to a site that requires cookies to load properly, and you’re blocking cookies via Shields then…yeah, the site might break. Intead of dropping your Shields, try disabling cookies or putting in some level of effort to adjust your settings appropriately.

:point_up_2: I have no idea what you’re talking about here.

  • Our browser now runs 22% faster than it did before
  • We now support use of extensions in browser which, if you recall, was limited to only ~10 extensions in previous builds.
  • Browser comes packed with light, dark, and default themes - or you can also install your own due to the fact that we, again, support extensions.
  • Just like your first concern, the private tabs question has also been brought up and addressed beofore:
  • It’ also worth mentioning that they’re still there, just in window form now (private window or private window with Tor)
  • Some technical reasons for our transition from our CTO Brian Bondy can be found here:

Additionally, we’re currently working on:

  • Rounding out and adding new features to Brave Rewards
    • Also adding mobile support for BR
  • Pushing through testing of Brave Sync, which will ideally be out by the end of the year
  • Think it looks like Chrome? We have a litany of design changes yet to be implemented, read previous discussions here: Brave UI customization still lacking
  • You can now block individually selected scripts from running - this function will also be applied to cookies and ads/trackers as well

But I digress.

Please try to remember that Brave is not Chrome, Firefox, or any other big browsing company - mainly in that we don’t have 1000’s of members on our team. Everything done has been done with a group of < 100 highly talented people with a specific vision in mind.

Brave is open source, our product is free, and support for our product is free. Our browser outperforms competitors, offers privacy and security features by default out of the box - all of this and more while building an new crypto-token project that integrates directly into the browser…at the same time.

If you’re that upset, you’re more than welcome to submit a pull request in our github and create/adjust any of the features you take issue with yourself. You can find build instructions, styles, and guides here:

I’m glad I got a passionate response.

This is what I get when I open the shields UI, none of those dropdowns have any text and it’s nearly impossible to know what does what. Going into the little side tabs on each one isn’t helpful either. In the old system I could uncheck different scripts based on what I wanted to run, with this, it seems like I can’t do that, or really figure out much of anything.

I’m aware separate private windows exist, but being able to have private tabs and non-private tabs in the same window was one of the nicest features in Brave. I hope that is addressed in a future update

Well, looking into ways of making other browsers switch their tab configuration, I found theres a way to move tabs below the address bar in Firefox by editing a file called userChrome.css.

Is there an equivalent file edit that can be done in Brave to achieve the same result as a workaround?

I didn’t realize you were on a Linux machine. What distro are you using? We have a thread for this particular bug:

If you’re using a separate distro than the other users experiencing this then you should reply with your details. More info we have on it the better.

I’m actually not sure. Let me see if I can find out and I’ll get back to you.

Yeah, sorry, I guess I should have given you those machine specifics.

I’m also on Manjaro, on kernel 4.19 as well, but I’m using the default XFCE instead of KDE like was in those screenshots (I think it was KDE anyway)

I hope that helps. If I could do the sort of programming you guys do, I would try to come up with a solution, I’m hoping this is a sufficient substitute

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I imagine this fix (when its found) should work for Manjaro across the board. Keep an eye on that thread for more info.