New Brave User -Tab Bar Moved


I recently began using Brave. This morning while installing an extension my TABS moved to the top of the browser. I would prefer them to be under the bookmarks bar where it was. However, I cannot find a way to make that happen. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can accomplish this?



@GOJCP Whenever you post for assistance, it would be a great help to everyone to have more information. For example:

  • What OS are you using? (such as Windows 11, Android 12, etc)

  • What version of Brave?

  • Do you happen to have screenshots that show the issue?

  • You mentioned installing an extension, have you tried removing that extension to see if it goes back to how it was?

  • If indeed does seem to be the extension causing problems, which extension is it?


  • I use a Mac w/ Ventura - Version 13.3.1

  • Brave 1.50.125 Chromium

  • Screen Shot Included - Please note that the tabs are listed ABOVE the address bar. Before, they were listed below the bookmarks which are not in the picture.

  • The Extension was the Capital One shopping Extension and I have uninstalled & reinstalled it.

Thanks for any help you can lend on this.

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