New update...... BLANK WINDOW



A few mintutes ago when I updated Brave all I see is a blank window. No homepage. No carts. Nothing. I see at te bottom that some links are attempting to load but nothing is happening. All my data is lost.

Browser opens as blank page

@InfiniteLove, please turn off the caps lock button, thanks :slight_smile:

We’ve had some issues with the update process. Even so, I’ll need more information than you’re providing.

We had an update from our old build (Muon, 0.25.2 --> 0.26.0) and our stable new build (new build updated to 0.57.18) and I’m not sure which update you went through with. I’m also unsure what operating system you’re on.

Can you please fill out the template that was pre-entered into the editor when you went to create this topic? That way I’ll have the information necessary to assist you.
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It started working now. It seems all is ok. But after the new update to build 0.57.18 the whole window was blank. All white. I couldn’t do anything. I have Win7 64bit. I guess I have to be more carefull with updates :slight_smile:


Did it just start working or did you have to perform some specific action?


My post on this topic: Error on yesterday's update

With all the requested information. No responses yet. Can someone please look into this? I like using Brave–I don’t want to go back to Chrome!


So sorry for the lack of response. Things have been a bit chaotic!
I’m going to close this topic and address the issue in your original post so others can benefit from any results we find. Appreciate your patience!


Addressed here Error on yesterday's update