Brave is broken since update

is what i get when i open Brave, all other browsers work, i have tried private Brave tab does not help. its completely whitescreen since i updated tonight

Hi thanks for reporting.

Could you kindly share the following below and we can troubleshoot what might be happening.

  1. What version OS/device are you using?
  2. What version of Brave are you on? (Stable, Nightly or Beta)


Hello. My daughter encountered the same issue.
Windows 10 updated to last version, Brave stable version (cannot see which one anymore)
Nvidia drivers updated as well.
Blank window, we cannot even see the little icons to close, minimize or maximize the window.
Same behaviour if we try to open a private window
It is only an issue with the display, because we can see that the content of the window is present (even if it is not visible) because the cursor change when we position it at the location of the url, and we can click on the top right of the windows to close it and it works.
The last thing she did before that behaviour is to deactivate the hardware acceleration (because she encountered some issue with youtube videos displaying full black)
I tried to find any parameter like --enable-gpu to put after the application name in the shortcut, but I did not find any
I tried to launch it in command line, but we got no error messages
We tried to uninstall/reinstall it but it is not possible because the installer opens a brave window which is blank as well.
We are blocked and we cannot find any solution to clean the config and put back that “Enable Hardware Acceleration” back, if this is actually the point which caused that issue.

Mmmh 8 days without any answer ?
The only solution she found is to use another browser :frowning:
Should I post this issue in a new ticket instead of replying to this one ?
If you want me to post a new topic, then tell me, and I will do it.
Best regards.

I’ve changed my default to Duck Duck Go with the problems I have hade with Brave.

I guess I will post a new support request for this one xD

You want an answer to a comment you did on someone’s else post? Very unlikely.
I advise you to create your own post
or … the best option in my opinion … contact Brave Support using the link below

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