Windows 7 latest brave update

I have downloaded the new version of brave
Deleted the old version
But it runs to a point and then freezes white screen.

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@Suep can you try steps mentioned here » Error on yesterday's update [Windows "blank window" issue] ?




Yes thank just updated successfully using the post.

Now to find how I import my old settings

Can you post the address of the windows 7 update that you used to get brave to work with windows 7


Please follow the steps found in the solution to this thread and see if this resolves the issue:

i started to download which work then the install started but did not complete i got this

If you have any anti-virus software running in the background, try disabling it temporarily during installation.

If not, try installing using the offline installer found on our github.

How do i get to the github

I provided the link above, please download the appropriate Standalone installer from the following link:

which one do i select for window 7?

You’re likely looking for this one:

i need the one for 64bit