New downlaods button changeable?

Hi is it possible to have the download at the bottom of the screen like before (not like this picture
image )



Thank you for sharing the Flags to turn this off. I don’t know why but I’ve always preferred the download bar. Would be nice to have this as a toggle-able settings in the proper settings for ease of access for users who won’t check into the flags.

Thank you SO much! Downloading anything froze Brave immediately every time I went to download a file with the new “update”. Makes me wonder if things like this were tested with a regular updated version of brave beforehand.

Edit: Something I feel I should add is a reminder that I doubt the majority of people using Brave care about the DL bar as-is. Complaints are typically made by a very vocal minority, and changes to this degree should be optional and not the default. If a change this big comes up, it should be presented on update/installation by notifying the user and directing them to the relevant settings.

Not really works for me :confused: I disabled both the flags and the bubble are gone but didn’t get back the download bar :slightly_smiling_face: What did I do wrong?


All they did was to turn 2 flags on as default, these flags have been available for months of months in Chromium, because it is what Chromium will end up replacing the bottom bar with someday. I have been using them and no issues, so whatever issues you are having it is on your side, no computer or different profile I have used, has had any issue.
You can test in a different/new profile or user data (which would be better) or InPrivate window or whatever, and record your screen to know exactly how it freezes, you know, but it might be just a bug with the Preferences file. It is not hard to troubleshoot things and reset things and see what the issue might be, but these flags have been working perfectly fine in Brave and any other browser since release, doesn’t matter if it is a 10 years old computer with windows 11 (forced to upgrade) or a newer system, Brave has been working okay.

Chromium, for some reason is slow at replacing things, might be because of Enterprise, but this is what most people want, and that’s why you can turn them off because the flags still exist, so if more people want this button/bubble, it makes more sense to add it as default and let anyone turn the flags off if they want the old change.

When you update Brave one day and you see the bubble again, and the flags gone, that meant that Chromium finally made them default as well.

The bubble is the future, because Edge added it and people wanted what edge did, because the bottom bar uses way too much space and most people don’t need that type of space.

So yes, you are a minority, and as such, you can disable the flags accordingly, just like people who wanted the bubble turned them all, all the time, because it is better in most ways.

Anyway, I have been using these flags with no issue since they were available, the only issue I had when using these flags were fixed when Brave made them default like 2 months ago on Nightly.
The only issue I got was because of Brave, but it was fixed few hours before this release was pushed. The issue was that if there was an unsafe download in Normal window, because InPrivate V2 bubble ask for a location to download files even if you have the toggle Ask where to save each file before downloading off, and then you wouldn’t see the bubble, but it was fixed.

@benstone326 and what happens when you download a file? I mean, all the update did was to turn the two flags on, turning them off will just revert to the bar when you download files.

It can’t do anything else, it is either bubble or bar… so, download a file.

Well… Now I tried it again and happened to works just fine…
Yesterday, when I turned them off, the download just DID HAPPENED but there was no bar and no bubble.
I turned them off again and now the bar reappered :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!