Dear God, Keep the Download Ribbon at the bottom

Dear god, with the latest update from Brave, the Download ribbon on the bottom was removed. WHY? That feature is WICKED useful, and you can download, then drag those files into other apps and webpage; so useful.

Why do we need to use a DEV flag to disable it? ( brave://flags/#download-bubble )?
Sure progress, but don’t remove a VERY useful feature.

Thank you

Before the change there were several users asking to get rid of it. Now that it has been removed, there are other users who want it back. Brave cannot satisfy everybody. It’s up to the users to configure their browser the way they want.

Go to brave://flags/

and disable download bubbles

one of my main reasons for NOT using firefox is because i dislike the download bar, which is now forced on brave… adjusting the settings you mentioned did not work for me. I want the download bar on the bottom.

please help.

Did you set them to Disabled or you just imitated the screenshot? Because when set to disabled, it went back to traditional one on the bottom for me and a lot of others.

Example where I just tested and downloaded something I had saved to my Google Drive:

You’ll notice the download thing on the bottom left, right?

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found it, thank you, read it as enable instead of disable

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