How do I change the downloads back on windows?

How can I get the download back to normal, I thought I did something to change it but could not figure it out so I uninstalled and reinstalled brave and it’s the same !
I mean it now rather than goes to the bottom an arrow now goes to the top of the screen.
It’s like the Microsoft browser now , don’t be like Microsoft / google with dumb changes no one asked for or wants. please !
Brave is great don’t make changes or give the option or choose !
( Brave on Windows 64) Been using brave exclusively
just over 2 years , it’s great and no unnecessary changes until now.

I agree, the new download interface is terrible! please tell us how to get back to the old one.

It’s funny, because since we switched to our Chromium base, users have constantly been asking for us to change the download bar at the bottom, claiming that it’s “ugly”, “intrusive”, etc. :slight_smile:

Anyway, you can change from the download bubble to the old bar/shelf at the bottom by going to brave://flags, searching for a flag called Enable download bubble and setting the value to Disable.

Thank you