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Hi Team,

Current Uphold verification process require from us to upload documents which contain sensitive data from ID card/Passport or Driving License. I got information that these documents have to be uploaded without covering any field! That’s not acceptable why they want so much data and it’s worring that the company as Brave whish is taking privacy so serious is partnered with company which is collecting so much data.

Can you please implement more options rather than Uphold?

Thank you!


I’d like more transparency about data collection regarding brave, bat, mobile, and uphold etc.

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It is a KYC process. Uphold acts as a bank and wants to know who and what has what


And why they need a copy of my documents and why for? For example coinbase wants verification and its happy to cover some fields.

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I have a Coinbase account and also had to upload my passport to get verified. It is like standard procedure for this sites


Bittrex has its own binance too so… What is new about uphold.

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The difference is that on Coinbase you can cover some sensitive data like Passport number etc. These data are sensitive and are not necessary to verify your identity.

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Have you asked uphold if this can also be covered

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Of course, I had an online chat with one of the support team members and they told me that the authorisation is only done by the computer and nothing can be covered which lead me to close my account for which I also need to ask support because you can’t do it on yourself.


Good. That solves that issue. Did you also ask how long they retain the data and which data they exclude after the computer is done with its scan. Remember not all algorithms are built the same. Coinbase may have a better algorithm.


Hi, No I haven’t asked them for this information. For my I can’t payout Brave revards because my account is not authorized. I’m supprised that such privacy focus company as Brave is promoting Uphold and with that their procedures.


privacy and security are mostly at odds with each other the KYC process feels invasive but all we can do is ask questions.


IMHO in this case I mostly worried about the security which is much higher in the priority list than privacy.


Uphold is the reason I stopped. We have a cryptoeurrency folks! I see someone above saying uphold acts as a bank (to justify all the KYC nonsense). We don’t need any of it. All the other similar projects send their coins direct to us.

There are plenty of alternatives, such as bittube. Brave should reconsider using a middleman, especially one with such onerous and baffling way of doing business.

Crypto shows us a potential future where all this bullshit is just something to look back on and laugh. I really don’t understand why they use crypto at all, because with the present way they do things they may as well be using USD and paypal.


I agree… Uphold is completely not worth our trust. It’s even hard to close your account with them. I had to raise the ticket via some chat and they were not able to give me confirmation that my data are removed and when my account will be removed at all.