I dont want to submit my ID

Dear Brave Team,

I just want you all to know that i dont want to submit my ID to uphold. I dont trust them.

still waiting for alternatives since january.

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Brave rewards team really does not care about our privacy.

they choose uphold over binance.

According to the laws of my country, if you want to work with the documents (like ID or something else), you need to have special license. If you don’t have this license, but you still collect some sensitive data, this is a crime.

That’s why when someone ask people from my country to provide their passport, tax ID or something else, no adequate person will not do that. For us it looks like a fraud attempt.

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they need to find alternative WITHOUT KYC or bring back Uphold WITHOUT KYC to receive our rewards.

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KYC is required – to avoid ML, etc.

But the team is exploring on other method so publisher can do KYC and use their own wallet.

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@eljuno when? this year?

@wlfblood no ETA. But it’s in the plan.

Thanks for your patience.

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