When other options than Uphold to withdraw?

I don’t understand why there is still no other option to withdraw than Uphold?

Why not Binance, Coinbase? Why not anonymous?

I read Brave is working on it but when? I read many don’t get Uphold account verified so you are showing them the finger? Really?


Yes we need more options other than Uphold or just let us add/set our own bat address to withdraw.


yes, I always get error when verifying in Uphold

It is really a strange business philosophy to pay users token that they cannot withdraw. It’s the same like not paying users at all. That’s what Google does. So not really a new business model.

Wdym!? Withdraw option is available on Uphold

All down to the KYC side, Brave advertises on not collecting your data, Uphold on the other hand doesn’t. This way they can’t get done for false advertising I expect. KYC is just a easy simple data collection, we all know it’s not to combat money laundering or criminal activities, cos they all use the banking system to do that for them. This is the only crypto I know of that makes you have to do KYC to withdraw to your wallet, I can mine crypto and have it deposited into my wallet with no KYC.

They want your data one way or the other, if it be through a third party, then that’s the way it will be. If they truly wanted to give you back control they wouldn’t put obstacles and limitations, Brave just have a different business model to Google, Brave are certainly not doing this out of the goodness of there hearts, we the users get thrown a few crumbs in this business model that’s all.


Brave don’t collect data from users but uphold collects our data (KYC) hahaha. I hope that they will add another wallet not only Uphold

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They could very easily allow you to use any wallet, but they wont.

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It is not available for those who got their accounts rejected or suspended by Uphold and never get responded to.
And this is exactly why you normally don’t use an exchange or online wallet for receiving such payments like Braves.
But Brave does not offer any other option like personal wallet (Metamask/Atomic Wallet/etc.) and they offer only one exchange to withdraw to.


Brave, please give a date when withdrawals will be available to all on Gemini, not just Creators!


I agree. Brave, please give a date. Tired of waiting.

you can withdraw maybe …

EXACTLY!!! Not to mention the MASSIVE withdrawal fee for BAT to withdraw from Uphold to your own exchange. It makes it unrealistic to withdraw as the fee is almost equal to the generated BAT.

When other options???

Uphold is a thief! Never trust it!
When I withdrew my funds from Uphold, the transaction failed.
I contacted the support team. They responded by deleting my account.
They have not returned my funds so far.