Does Anyone Ever Help Brave Users In This Community or Not?


I have spent the past couple of days attempting to verify my Uphold wallet so I can transfer my BAT from my Brave wallet. However, I neither have Android or Apple services on my smartphone and so I have to use the verify without smartphone link. I am able to upload my driving licence without any issue but the selfie option, you are required to provide, will not work.

I have spent the last few hours in a back and forth with an Uphold customer services agent who has now told me that my PC camera is not of the required standard and that’s why I can’t take the picture. My PC is not that old and I have used it for verification purposes for all other blockchains and crypto exchanges.

I am now told to borrow someone else’s phone as the only way of verifying my Uphold wallet and transferring my BAT. This is pathetic. Apart from the obvious security risks it is a ton of hassle to me. Why on earth have Uphold insisted on a totally useless policy with camera requirements? And why are they restricting the use of their wallet to Android and Apple customers, how dumb is that? What’s the matter with these people? Does Brave provide any other options for moving your BAT? If not why are they using such a rubbish wallet provider like Uphold?


Hi @freedomexists, sorry to hear you had trouble!

Brave technically can’t weigh in on matters regarding Uphold verification (that’s their wheelhouse). I’d be happy to run this one by Uphold, though. Who did you speak with at Uphold? I can inquire into your case directly.

At the moment we don’t have other KYC options available I’m afraid.

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