New Brave Version Doesn't Play Nice with Express VPN

Hi, I have been using Brave forever, and two years ago bought ExpressVPN. As a whole there have not been any issues until within the last week, when Brave was upgraded (ExpressVPN was not). Whatever new version of Brave is now on my system, it doesn’t play nice with Express VPN. Particularly if I close Brave browser, and restart it, it automatically disconnects my Express VPN and then reconnects it again. Every single time. the only problem is this causes a 30 second or so delay until Express VPN reconnects. This never happened previously, and my other browsers on my Windows 10 desktop do not have this problem when starting them while ExpressVPN is already launched. Only on Brave, and on the current version 1.57.62 has this been noticeable in the past day or two.

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