FastestVPN Extension Crashes

Hello I’m new to the Brave community. I been using brave for awhile and I think is a top contender in the browsing world. I had FastestVPN extension working on brave browser for awhile and it stopped working. It’s possibly a developer issue on the extension but wondering if anyone has had an issue similar to mines. Here’s a screenshot and every time I click on the extension it crashes.
Screenshot 2022-08-13 093127

Would see how often it occurs, but if an extension is constantly crashing. Should inform the extension dev.

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It stopped working it crashes after every click to open. I did test on Firefox and it works but it crashes on Brave and Chrome. I will definitely be informing the dev.

I reached out to live support and informed them and they are away and said it’s under maintenance that the team is working on it and it will be back soon.

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