VPNs using Brave

Does anyone here use Express VPN with Brave? Experiences??

Do I understand you correctly? In connection with a browser & VPN there is not much to write, as long as you don’t use an extension within the browser.

Otherwise, I think, everything should be the same (with Brave) as with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge…

I use Private Internet Access with Brave Dev, no difference from any other browser best I can tell. PIA has a built in ad blocker which doesn’t seem to cause any issues.

Using NordVPN. Works exactly the same and the Brave Browser still has the speed edge over other browsers while using.

hydemyass anyone? VPN with Bulgarian proxy?

I’ll never understand why people don’t buy routers with VPN client/server support. that seems the most secure way to me: encrypt EVERYTHING as it enters/exits the LAN.

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Yes, I am using Hola VPN with Brave, there is no differences I encountered from any other browser.

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