Netflix stop streaming after brave update

Netflix streaming stoped after updating the brave browser, Can I downgrade to the previous version or any other solution?

Does that work in a private window?
If it does, try clearing cache and search data and cookies
Also check if an extension is causing this by turning off one extension at a time

No, It’s not working.

giving [Error Code M7701-1003] and tried all the possible solutions but failed.

The only resolution I think will work for me is to move back to chrome.

What solutions, did you do something like going to brave://settings/extensions untoggled widevine and toggle back on.
Or see if going to brave://components/ and click for update on the
Widevine Content Decryption Module fixes the issue, I just installed in a test session and it says Version: 4.10.2449.0

I am sure it has to do with Widevine completely. It is the only things that matters and can break for these sites.
Also, make sure everything is okay in brave://settings/content/protectedContent

Yes, I tried widevine update and also checked for the update.

In the protected content sites can play is enabled.

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