Need to reinstall OS

Been using brave for a few months now and have managed to acquire around 8 BATs. I need to re-install my OS. Is there a way to export private key / back up local data and restore at a later date?

I do not want to use a third party provider, as they say not your keys not your crypto

Have I essentially wasted my time clicking these ads and we are forced to use Uphold?

Really hope not such a great idea, but a hideous implementation if this is the case.

You don’t have such feature in Uphold.

All your crypto are safe in Uphold though. And this isn’t the issue of Brave, this is an Uphold issue.

Unfortunately, Brave does not currently support backing up and restoring wallets. your BAT is tied to your browser so connecting your browser to Uphold is the only way to have this BAT transferred over. Uninstalling Brave deletes your wallet and, in the process, the BAT that you may have earned.

BTW, you don’t have to click on the ads to receive BAT for them. They just have to show up in your notifications or on your new-tab page.

Ha! Wish I had known no clicking was required a few months back, D’oh! Thanks :slight_smile:

Surprises me that there is not a folder / file / registry key etc that can’t be copied, Brave has to read that data from somewhere & if stored remotely would have to provide some type of unique identifier I would have assumed. I’m guessing this is intentional for whatever reason or perhaps a lack of technical knowledge around this matter.


Reinstalling the same OS and Brave version on the same machine?
I have not tried but this scenario is quite common and other threads indicate that a backup of the profile folder may (or may not) work – though it’s unsupported.

Uphold also sets a minimum amount of 25 BATs if I’m not mistaken.

I think the safest course of action is to use those BATs on something.
Or wait to reach 25 and upload them if that’s an option – if the box is still usable, I don’t know.

I’d be concerned with the custodial aspect only for some significant amount.
8 BATs are currently credited little more than 5$.
I think transaction fees are going to affect BAT wallets more than the risk of uphold not holding up.
I’m more wary of giving them copy of my papers for the KYC.

Too bad Brave doesn’t sync rewards too – yet.

disclaimer: I’m just a user new to Brave and I may or may not be wrong.

That said, I think there should be a documented offline backup feature for cases like this.

I think that if you were to clone your drive, you could preserve the data. I suspect that with enough technical knowledge you could copy the registry key, but I think that validating it against the new OS installation is the problem. I’m guessing that it’s possible, but way over the heads of 99.99% of users, and they don’t want the tech support headaches. I would dearly love to switch my laptop from Windows to Linux, but would prefer not to lose all of my accumulated BAT (I refuse to link to an Uphold wallet–I don’t trust Uphold).

I could not agree more, I just like the phrase.

I’m actually switching back to Linux, Microsoft have decided I’m not competent enough to install security patches myself & decides to restart when I have software running that I don’t want stopped despite me telling it not to in the policy editor.

Like you say it is only a small amount, but still it is frustrating that it is implemented in such a way that limits the functionality of blockchain ledger technology and forces you to utilise third party software. Not cool Brave

Regardless I will attempt to locate, backup and restore all files that Brave utilises & hope for the best.

Thanks for your input.

I think cloning my entire drive is a little overkill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a small amount so I’m not overly fussed, I was hoping someone would be able to easily point me in the right direction.

I agree, Windows is the devil!

Unfortunately I don’t have the patience or desire to wait.

It used to be a minimum of 25 BAT for all devices. Now it’s 15 for Android and no minimum for desktop (although you might have to first set up your Uphold wallet directly on their Web site instead of through Brave).

Agreed. although KYC is a requirement imposed by the U.S. government (and maybe others) and will be also required by Gemini.

Brave used to have such a feature, but it’s no longer available. Not sure why–maybe fraud, maybe too much user handholding, who knows?

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1- Thanks for correction about the 25 BATs limit.

2- Yes, I know KYC is legal requirement and I believe most countries have that.
I don’t have a problem with uphold in particular, I’m just a bit paranoid about identity theft in general.

3- I noticed that still refers to a recovery passphrase, am I missing something or is that outdated information?

While at it:

4- includes this statement:

At present, Brave users make anonymous donations to publishers using Bitcoin. The Brave Ledger System automatically donates an amount of Bitcoin to publishers proportional to the attention given to a website.

Again, am I missing something or is that plain wrong – given it’s BAT and Ethereum based, and .

Outdated, unfortunately.

As near as I can tell, that page applies to ONLY purchases of BAT (and it’s from 2017). I don’t believe that BAT can be purchased any longer. In any case, I think it’s safe to say that that page is outdated, as well.

You can purchase BATs through Crypto apps like Binance or even Uphold for that matter.
Its just like a regular Crypto.

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