How to save BAT on computer reinstall?

I’ve never accumulated enough BAT to “verify” with uphold, and I would like to save claimed and pending BAT for a reinstall on a bigger harddrive. I plan on completely redoing the OS, and I am not cloning the disk. I need to be able to save a seed phrase or whatever to get my particular Wallet payment ID back.

I see I can recover BAT wallets:

But I see nothing helpful in the reward internals and there’s no way to easily save this information:

Is there a file or a seed phrase I can save for a reinstall?
On Win10 [v1.18.75 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

On pc you do not need any minimum balance to verify or connect uphold just connect it, the rewards will be transferred right away (if present in brave wallet)

But make sure uphold only has 4 slots so if you even disconnect your uphold from this browser your one slot still be in use means next time you’ll be able to connect only 3 brave wallets with uphold.

You can vote here so developers can bring backup feature :-

Right now there are two options left either connect your uphold account (only 3 slots will be left) or tip all of your bats to your publisher account (not recommended by brave)

I do not want to make an uphold account. I do not want to go through KYC. I just want to be able to backup the BAT the browser has independently. Thanks for the link, I added myself to it.

As for anyone can verify… Then why in the world do I see this in after clicking verify?

As far as I know, they imposed the 25 bat minimum to all.

@141, for the time being uphold is your only option.

You know, I was thinking. Which wasn’t necessary given the obviousness; however, given how much the four device historical allotment argument/explanation is used, it should stand to believe Brave must have a very rigid and exact language in place for its token identification framework…but I’ve never been asked for it? It should stand that such a token id component would be akin to the index of a reference work, and thus be a very efficient source for support assistance. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::santa::smoking:

If there is a 25 BAT minimum, I have no option then.
Cloning the drive would be the only likely thing to work for me. Pathetic.

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