Loss of BAT earned on reinstallation

Hello. Somebody could help me? I have reinstalled my Windows system, in addition to Brave, I have restored (or tried to restore) my wallet with the recovery code. It appears that the pending BATs were restored, but not the ones I had already earned. No, I do not have an Uphold account.

Reading a bit it seems that the recovery code no longer restores the earned BATs, which I obviously didn’t know.

I still have access to my old files … do I have a chance to restore the earned BATs?


you could try to copy the “default” folder in C:\Users\"your user"\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\ in your old files and replace it in the new installation, but I think it is likely to fail

It seems to have worked, but my browser is in a rather… strange state. I have lost recent items (bookmarks, history, among others); even the sync code is different. I guess that’s nothing compared to losing my BATs. I will try to create the Uphold account. Thanks.

EDIT: In the end it did not work. The BATs reflected in the browser, but never in the Uphold wallet. What a mess…

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