Need to reInstall old version(1.57) on a Mac

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I wished to upgrade the version of Brave on my Mac and downloaded it from the Brave home page. It installed overriding my v1.57 and then told me it couldn’t run as I have MacOS 10.13. The home page gives no warning of system needs. How can I install 1.57 again as I can’t see anywhere to find it?

There was a warning given for several weeks in-browser that 1.57 would be the last compatible version with macOS 10.13 or lower. It is also on our Help Center here:

That said, you can find the version you’re looking for on our Github here:

I’m only an occasional Brave user so didn’t see any warnings.
I’ve looked at the rather overwhelming GitHub but can’t see what I need - none of the .dmg or .pkg files seem to mention Mac or OSX. Please advise.

The universal .dmg should work for you:

Yes, this installed OK.

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