How to download old version (1.57.64) for macOS

I am running macOS 10.13 and do not want to upgrade to 10.15. I have Brave browser version 1.57.47, which does not have a problem for me. I missed the release of 1.57.64, which is the latest version I can use, and I want to update to it now.

I have searched and searched, and the “best” I can find is “Brave-Browser-.dmg or Brave-Browser-.pkg will install this version.” (found in multiple places). But I’m given no clue for what to put in place of the “*”. I tried “Brave-Browser-1.57.64.dmg” and “Brave-Browser-v1.57.64.dmg” without success.

This webpage is for version 1.57.64, but it directs me to “” for download, which goes to today’s latest version.

Some webpages refer me to github, but I do not want to build the browser.

I can’t believe that older versions are not archived somewhere. Where is that place?


Having received no response, I did some more searching and learned that the downloads are listed on github under “Assets” on the page for the desired program version (e.g., I was able to download the old version that I wanted from there.

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I tried to find version 1.57.64 i didnt find it. There was lof of “Assets” menus, but not the correct version.

Is there a simple link with the download?

So where is the link to download 1.57.64.
I encountered the same issue as you on mac iOS 10.13 requiring upgrade to 10.15…

It’s definitely not easy to find a particular version!

As of right now (11/7/23, 5:42pm PST), one needs to go to this page:

(Note, however, that “page=22” might need to be changed after there are subsequent releases. You will need to look through the pages, using the page links at the bottom off each page, to find the release quoted below. Look carefully, because the order of releases is not at all straightforward. Also, note that there are “Beta”, “Nightly”, and “Release” releases.)

Scroll down the page to the section for “Release v1.57.64 (Chromium 116.0.5845.188)”.

In that section, click on “Assets” to open the list of downloads.

The file I used (for macOS 10.13.6, High Sierra, on a Mac with an Intel processor) is “Brave-Browser-universal.dmg”.

Good luck!


Thank you. This worked for me. Found it on Page 23. There was no warning that the latest version would disable Brave completely. I was a bit frantic until I found your post.

@AgPilot: You’re most welcome. Thank you for the feedback.

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Shout out to cspalding - you legend! Thank you, sir!

Found it on page 25 today.

Anyone else looking for it, here’s the direct download link I used:

If it doesn’t work for you, follow spalding’s instructions. You may have to keep going back, checking each page, then scrolling down the page till you find the download you need. There’s a lot to sif tthrough, but if you persevere you’ll find it.


which file do i have to download from the assets list

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but which file do i have to find and how to check which brave version will work for my mac os version. i have high sierra 10.13.6

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As I wrote earlier:

“The file I used (for macOS 10.13.6, High Sierra) is ‘Brave-Browser-universal.dmg’.”

I did not mention that my Mac has an Intel processor, which is why I chose the “universal” build.

If your Mac has an Apple processor (e.g., M1), you can use that file or the file “Brave-Browser-arm64.dmg”. A recent post to this thread stated that this URL will download that file:

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i installed this brave-browser-arm64.dmg file but i cannot open brave in this version and it says that it requires macos 11

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I just realized that your Mac has an Intel processor, because you wrote that you have macOS High Sierra. (The oldest version of macOS for a Mac with an M1 processor is Big Sur.)

So, you should use the file “Brave-Browser-universal.dmg”. This URL will download that file:

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Thank you for this. Its actually really infuriating. My mac is from 2012 & will not upgrade more than it has already. So I am being bullied into buying a new computer to keep up with the updates… what a racket.

thanks :+1: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :grinning: i have got my brave running smooth

thanks your a life saver

The link which I have just used - successfully :smiley: - on my Intel iMac running High Sierra 10.13.6 is

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