Brave version for mac os Mojave

I downloaded the last version of Brave on may iMac 27 running Mojave 10.14.6
Brave was not able to download the correct version fo my OS and now Brave can’t be open.
I don’t find in Brave how to download the last verion for my OS, probably 1.57.64.
Can you help me?

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@mattches @steeven could you guys assist? Thanks!

@Luciano2 do note that it’s a weekend in the US currently so support might not be active.

Thank you
I was not able to find a place to dowload older versions of Brave in Brave site

Older versions of Brave at

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Unfortunately I was not able to find the file for mac os brave version 1.57.64

The version you’re looking for is here:

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this is the version im looking for so how do i download it? im going to the link but theres nothing to download this version

Download the file which has the file extension which installs apps on your type of device. For winodws its .exe , for android its apk,
Not sure for Macos I think its .dmg

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is that under assets? am at a page that says “Release v1.57.64 (Chromium 116.0.5845.188)” and then it has Android, ios, linux, macos, windows, and release notes. im on mac so thats what im trying to download it on. i had brave a couple days ago but was having issues with it so tried deleting it and redownloading it but when it redownloaded my device was saying i couldn’t run it on macOS 10.13.6. now im trying to get an earlier version but can’t figure out how to download it anywhere even though ive been told i could

Yes. It’s under assets.
You’ll need to know if your macos installs apps on .dmg or .pkg file

how do I tell if it installs on dmg or pkg??

nvm i figured it out, thanks for the help

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