Need some help with my brave rewards!

I installed Brave browser for almost 3 weeks now and in my uphold wallet shows 0 bat and 0 U$. Why is that? the funny thing is that in the browser shows the amount of rewards. I don’t understand, it suppose to show the same reward amount in the uphold wallet too right?
I contacted uphold and told me that the problem comes from Brave. Im from Argentina and it should work fine. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

The reward is paid once a month. You can go to brave:rewards → Ads section to see the payment date.


I never get anything, think it is due to uphold device limits. Will there be an update as to braves own wallet at the end of summer, I am hoping?

Hello, yes i did. First, the due date was July 5th and never got my reward in uphold wallet (shows 0) but the funny thing is that in my brave browser shows the amount of bat and U$. Now the payment date changed to July 7. Why is that?

July 4th and 5th are holidays in US, hence they informed the rewards will be rolling out starting from July 7th

Also you can connect your uphold wallet only and after you receive 15 BAT

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Hello! oh ok. So you are saying I have to get at least 15 bat in order to see in my uphold wallet? because right now I only have almost 2 bat.

Yes that is correct for uphold wallet. However you can see it in your brave rewards that you have accumulated till date

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Thank you! yup i can see my rewards in the browser but i thought it would show in my uphold wallet too.

@pabcare80 If you have a verified Uphold account and latest version of Brave then you can go ahead and link your browser wallet with Uphold. Go to brave://rewards and “Verify Wallet”.

  • Do it after you receive this month’s payout (You will get it within next two days- a “Claim” button will appear).

  • If you verified your wallet this month then from next month you will be paid your earnings directly into your Uphold account.

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I tried, but does not happen here, any ideas?

If you have installed Brave on android, try this-

If you have desktop browser, you can try this-

Both suggest similar methods. Do post an update if this works out for you.

I think the problem is the device limits, but if the bat does not go through (I clicked claim last month) where is it going, if not to uphold? I think I might be better just keeping it all in brave, and forgetting about uphold, until brave release their own full wallet in the browser? Thanks again for advice

If you are able to claim your rewards then it should stay in your browser wallet. Gemini is most likely coming with update v1.27x with additional 4 device limits. We are currently at v1.26x so that is soon to come.

Hopefully that will solve your problem and of many users who have exhausted their device limits.

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Hmmm, will check that this month, thanks for the reply!

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