Uphold Card Displaying $0.00


I just recently linked my Uphold account with my Brave Wallet.

When I go to my uphold account it says that I have $0.00 in my Brave Browser card.

I have no clue how this is happening as I definitely have money in my rewards.

If you have any idea how to fix, please let me know. Here’s some screenshots below:

Hi @Yakish - BAT is automatically transferred from the Brave wallet to your verified Uphold wallet on the 6th of every month.

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Hi @steeven - It is the 6th of September and nothing has been transferred. Maybe I have to wait until later on into the day?

If it doesn’t transfer automatically, what do I do?

I have the same problem as you, it only remains to wait for today to be transferred.

its 6th september 11:20 pm indian standard but still same issue with me also.

It’s a s.cam i think, he replied the same thing to my post, then never responded again when i told him the BAT has been there for months.

Had the same problem… September 6th came and Uphold still shows $0.00 balance. Whatever is happening. Please someone from brave, answer and confirm.

@Yakish - did you receive your payout?

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