My wallets became suddenly unverified and i cant verify them anymore

Hello, today we all received our ads payment and i don’t know why, but somehow my uphold got kicked out of all my wallets (Mobile, Brave Windows & Brave Linux (kubuntu)). Now, once i try to verify my wallet it says “Wallet maximum reached”.
I hope this does not mean i can’t earn any BAT now because of a mistake done by the browser,
and as i live in germany, i am not able to verify through gemini as they are still not operating here…

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Oh boy. This problem will become worse and worse for Brave. As more and more will face this issue.

As you, I have the same problem. Also from Germany. There is nothing we can do but to wait for Brave to fix this issue.
Who would have guessed that 4 lifetimes connections without a means to clear old connections would be an issue in the future…

All you can do is keep posting and hope that they fix it. Brave is saying they are working on this for over half a year. And nothing happened so far.
Even if Gemini would be available here. That is no solution at all. Juggling around multiple custodians isnt great either.
For me, my phone is still verified and working on uphold. Just cant verify my PC anymore after my last recent fresh windows install.

Yes i know what you mean. I mean, i lost my access due to a bug but i think there might be people that lost their access (lost their phone, harddrive not working anymore or something else) and now they cant use brave rewards too.
I have problems with uphold transactions for now almost a year i do not receive anything (other than creators payouts), when i started my first thread it took over 4 months (and the threat that i will switch to a other, better working browser, since they show me ads and do not pay me for it, why should i still watch their ads), to send me my well earned BAT.

I really hoped when they introduced gemini that this will finally be fixed, but they are not operating in germany, so this update is not a fix at all for me, sadly.

Thankfully I never had any real issues with that. But the device limit now truely frustrates me. Also lost around 8 or so BAT due to it.

@steeven any solution for this case?

i dmed steeven about the same 4 device limit issue he told me dm him back on wednesday he will have the proper tooling to assist but honestly this is a terrible restriction. Gemini isn’t even a solution because some countries dont even support it. Only recently it got support where i am from yet still i go through the verification process and it wont accept my passport or ID not to mention it has the same 4 device restriction as uphold.

yes the fact gemini is not everywhere available lets me forget, it is even possible to connect to a different wallet else than uphold. I am waiting on 20 BAT which i wanted to invest in other crypto before the prices will increase (if they will do). But now it seems like, i will have to wait till someone reviews this, in the next couple of days.

I made a thread back in April about not receiving any BAT rewards to my Uphold account (since end of 2020) and that never got resolved. Now, on top of that, my brave wallet is unverified and completely disconnected from Uphold. The Brave team clearly has no clue what it is doing.

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i feel your frustration too my friend. i just hope for gemini to expand their services to more countries so i can get rid of uphold.

@steeven We need support for this case, otherwise we will lose our funds, because they are now not backed up anymore.

To be fair, I do understand the limitation of 4 devices, but by adding this feature, they should have added an option to remove certain devices to be able to go around this issue.
I do have the same problem, and I cannot connect Gemini since it is not available in my country, so for now I am just waiting on them to fix the problem and storing the BATs locally on my local wallet…
Keep faith, maybe some day, we’ll be able to reverify our wallets! It’s a more and more common problem, and that can only mean issues on their end, and then they will HAVE to work on it, so it’s just patience t this point and posting our issues to make them aware of the issue.


There is no further info about this anywhere which frustrates me the most. Just 1 single “we are working on it” post somewhere buried in a huge thread.

But hey, meanwhile, talk to your friends about it via Brave Talk for only 7.99$…

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This is nonsense. A lifetime limit of four, with no way to remove unused connections, is absolute crap, particularly when it is enabled years in, but in effect retroactively. I suppose I will just have to turn off brave ads. As it is, these are just annoying pop-ups now.

Not to mention, they don’t notify you until after you “Claim My Rewards”, so the BAT I already earned is just poof gone.

Hi @D_Cell @itsandremov I should have the required tooling to remove the ID early next week. If you wouldn’t mind please send me a reminder message on Tuesday and I should be able to directly work on your issue. Thank you!