Uphold Wallet problem

Hi, does anyone know when the problem of the of the maximum amount of allowed devices connected to the Uphold wallet will be resolved? I have seen many post with the same problem, for a long time, and so far nothing has been resolved. @steeven @Mattches

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The “AI” support team will give you instruction just like on the other users report and then they will ignore you. :frowning: I have 4 Devices that is link on my Uphold but I have not receive all of the BAT Tokens I earned last month.

Anyone know if the BAT limit is still 25 for uphold verification on android? This was the case back in May but that was also for desktop, which has since been dropped to 15. I can’t even seem to find uphold as an option on mobile browser!

What is the problem that you’re describing?

Yes, but users with an existing, verified Uphold account will be able to login and verify despite the 15 BAT minimum. To verify, tap Verify wallet in the Rewards panel.

2021-08-09 161329

I have had problems with my computer, so I have had to format, every time I installed Brave Browser and connected my wallet… so I reached the limit of allowed devices, even though I only use my pc and smartphone. For months I have seen many users with the same problem, in fact I think I have seen a post in which it was mentioned that with version 1.27 this problem would be solved, but so far nothing…

@Mattches thanks got the uphold wallet verified and have linked it with both my android and desktop. Any updates on the “missing” august BAT for desktop? Still not received anything

Payments are still processing:

i still have nothing even though it says payments are processed. over 10BAT!

@Mattches see above
i still have nothing even though it says payments are processed. over 10BAT!

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

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