My Brave Reward can not be Verified Due to Maximum Verified Device Limit

Hello, for a few months now I have been unable to get my brave rewards(BAT) sent to me because of “Your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.” The last time I installed windows and brave (Year ago) it just would not work so I decided to due some research which led me here. I just reinstalled windows last month and decided that enough was enough and contacted uphold support to see if they could do anything on there end but low and behold no. They told me first to remove the brave uphold link through the uphold app to see if that would reset Device Limit, and no it did not work for me. Then they told me to come here and look which led me to make a brave community account. As I previously stated I have dabbled a few times researching on how to fix this or see if there is any update on the matter. Please don’t get angry with me if there is already a way to fix this. I have tried to research what the things that brave reward have spit out and could not find anything.

Same as me.I just reset my verified devices a few days ago…now I got same case as you.If Brave did not solve this problem,I will create a new uphold account.

Use Gemini its a lot better because there is no five device limit. I have not been verified yet it may take a week or two but its worth the wait.

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but Gemini is not available for Brave in Android,right ?

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