My Twitter and YouTube account is not verifying on publisher

Dear team,

Almost 72 hours had passed but my twitter and YouTube account not verifying on publisher to tip BAT tokens. Please check this issue and help me to solve this problem

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Did you check it via desktop or mobile?

Via mobile because i am using brave browser on android mobile

Thanks for the confirmation. A new version for Android which is have a fix for this issue is coming. You should see an update on Play Store in a few day/s.

Also An update regarding verification status on mobile devices if you want more information regarding this

I have already updated my brave browser through playstore just few minutes ago.

And it’s updated to which version?

1.8.93 version brave browser

Thanks for the confirmation @Faheem. That’s not the version that I mentioned above. So you should wait for another update, soon. 1.8.93 is an update from few days ago and it have no fix for this issue.

Ok thank you so much for supporting me. I will wait for new version and will inform you if i did not get my solution.

Dear team,
As discussed before with you about my twitter and YouTube account not verifying on brave publisher to tip BAT Token. I had already asked this question before and you replied wait for brave updated version. Now i have updated my brave version from 1.8.93 to 1.8.112, but still facing the same issue. Please check this issue if possible.


First, the moment you finish the verification process, your channel is verified.

But your Brave require ±72 hours (on desktop) and up to 1 week (on mobile) to update it’s local publishers list.

Ok thanks a lot i will wait for 1 week. Let’s see what happens after 1 week.

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