Twitter Account not Verified

I already linked my Twitter account a couple of days ago to Brave Creator and still not verified. I tried removing it and then linked it again but still not verified after 2 days. Can you help me with this one please, I wanted to send a tip to my account using my smartphone. I appreciate the help, cheers!

I wouldn’t suggest you to self-tipping. It may (or may not) flagging your account for suspicious activity.

If you want to withdrawal your BAT, wait until the feature is implemented. Coming soon Android Uphold Wallets Launch and Introducing Minimum BAT Thresholds

And for this one, the moment you finished the verification process, your channel is verified.

@eljuno hi may I ask why my Reddit and Twitter account been removed being verified? it was verified before but now it says that I am not yet verified. maybe I am missing something? Thanks…

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