Not verified on some devices

I am a new user on the Brave world. I had linked my YouTube channel to my account on Well I got verified within some time. But only now did i notice that when I opened my YouTube channel on my android device, it was shown that I am not a verified brave user. I do not know if it is a bug or not.

Make sure you’ve the latest version of Brave for mobile. It’s should be fixed.


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Yea! I had an older version on my device. I updated it. Still got the issue.

Same here still not showing verified

You may need to wait up to 7x24 for your Brave to update it’s local publishers list.

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What do u mean by 7×24

7x24 hours. You need to wait for 1 week.

hi any update on the may payout?

Yea it was shown as verified on my windows pc. But it’s alright now. Got the verification mark on my android device too now. Thank you for you help.

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When did u updated your brave?

I updated brave one day prior to my verification. It’s fine now actually. It is showing “verified” on android too now. Thanks for stopping by.

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