My Youtube, twitter, twitch not verifying

Hello, I joined the Brave Rewards, verified my account on Uphold. Added my youtube channel, twitter and twitch. But when I visit my pages, brave reward icon says " This creator has not yet signed up to receive contributions from Brave users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they verify." What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Nothing wrong. Tge moment you finish the verification process, your channels is verified.

Do note, your Brave require ±72 hours to update its local publishers list.

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Thanks so much for the reply!! I’ll just wait then ^^!

I am also having this issue. It has been 5 days since I got everything ‘verified’. It indicated right away that my YouTube channel was verified on my laptop. Mobile devices are still indicating that my channel is not verified.

Is there a known issue? I have tried both android and ios.

Has anything changed? Are you still having the issue?

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yeah! it’s all verified now, thanks so much!

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