An update regarding verification status on mobile devices

An update regarding verification status on mobile devices.

We are currently rolling out some major upgrades to the verified publishers and creators list that mobile devices use to check whether a site is verified. As part of this maintenance, we have temporarily disabled the verified creators and publishers list for mobile devices.

What you may see: Some users on mobile may notice that no websites or channels are appearing as verified, or that newer sites are not being detected as verified when they should be.

Once these upgrades are complete, verification status detection on mobile will return to normal.

We thank you for your patience as we work to improve the Mobile Rewards experience, and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you,
The Brave Rewards Team

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Hi! If donations are made anyway, do they arrive or is it necessary to wait for the update?


Saben aproximadamente en cuanto va a estar la esa actualización?
Espero que sea pronto jajaja.


Theoretically, if you’re actually able to send a tip, it should go through just fine. :slight_smile: However, it might be best to hold off in the interim just in case.


Hi , Do you have a date for the end of the maintenance ?


Thank you Steeven for your rapid and clear answer

Kindly regards

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Ok, thx for this answer.

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I hope everything will be back to normal very soon. Keep us updated please.

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It’s been 4 days already

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Nop hehe. I still can not. It keeps saying that the creator is not verified but in the windows version it says yes. It only remains to wait?


Si, queda esperar nomas.

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We’re still showing as unverified on mobile. Do you have an update on this issue?


They are still solving issue of payment

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I already noticed it (site not appearing as Verified Publishers) on my Android phone/Brave app… Thanks for update!

It’s cool to know that it’s just temporary & will get back to normal. Meanwhile we can all plan some donations :wink:

I am also facing the same problem. Hope it will be solved soon. Thank You for clearing the issue.


Please confirm the date for solving this problem.


Any update on this topic @steeven ?


They’re multitasking and solving few important issues in the same time. Why not show them a simple appreciation on being transparent & wait a bit?

I understand that everyone’s issue is the biggest one for them, but cmon guys, let’s just be patient. It’s a matter of days, eventually A week, not months.

Let them do their job & stay patient. And rest assured that things will go back to normal (Verified Publisher status will get back.)


Thanks that’s indeed addressed my concerns

Good morning to everybody.
Thanks to the entire Brave community for their work.
I have been a few days with the incidence of unverified profiles, but today when I opened Brave the BAT balance that I had accumulated in my wallet disappeared.
Will I be able to recover the lost balance?

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