My Brave Rewards Disappeared - Not Paid


I had 6.9 BAT tokens from viewing Ads this month which should have been paid on the 5th but instead they just disappeared and the counter reset.

Why is this?

Same thing happened to me. I went to check my Brave balance and it was at zero.

Same thing happened with me!

Same here, I had 7 BAT that was supposed to get paid on the 5th, I checked and it was brought down to 3.20 and my wallet was still empty, so now Im still gathering more BAT from ads but I never got paid. Does anyone know if there is a glitch or some type of delay? Maybe its still processing???

If so, It would be great to have an administrator send out a notification stating the situation.

For users concerned about the “disappearing” BAT balance – don’t worry, it’s not gone. Please see this thread for more information:

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Got it. Your link explains all of it, so thank you!

I’ll be waiting for the updates release, so you can rollover the remaining balance.

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