My Old Brave Rewards are still missing

This is unreal. I was an early adopter, I told everyone I knew to use Brave. I’ve been using Brave since BEFORE they introduced or even announced ads. It was mildly frustrating before that my balance suddenly disappeared, now… I don’t even know. If the selling points I keep touting to people to get them on board keep failing this hard for me where I can suddenly just lose over $150 worth of BAT that I built up over time and no one from support is responding, there’s just no point in recommending Brave anymore. Simple as that.


Did you reset your computer, reinstall your OS, switch to a new computer?

Brave should link our rewards to the account. This is a real issue for all

No reset, no reinstall, same computer. I just updated Brave to see if that would fix anything but nope. It’s weird, like I said in my last post, I hadn’t logged into this comp in a little while and when I did recently I saw my balance was 0 BAT but my ad rewards history was still there, which I took a picture of. Then, suddenly even that disappeared. Been afraid to touch my computer too much to try and preserve it’s state in case there is a fix.

Hmmmm. . . @steeven @Mattches @SaltyBanana Can you help?

It’s really important that you provide the requested information (in the editor when you open a thread) so that we can best assist you, as right now there are several possible causes for the issue you’re seeing.

That said, I’d prefer we move this to a DM if possible – can you please DM me with your wallet ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page? Thank you.


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