BAT rewards not there

I’ve been using Brave for a few years and signed up for BAT rewards at the beginning. I haven’t paid much attention to it, but now I’ve been getting into crypto and decided to check it out. It had me hit a few buttons to get some BAT, but that’s all that’s in my wallet. What happened to all I’ve earned from the past few years?

Still need help on this. Why does Brave not have support?

Still wondering what they did to my BAT.

Weekly Ping. Any ideas on how to get any support?

Hi @Lance-R. You could try creating a new topic under the specific category for your issue. Personally, I would choose the options below (for 3 you can choose “rewards” or your OS)…

When you select New Topic, you will see the *text box is pre-filled with instructions on what information you should include - the more detailed you are about your problem, the sooner people could help you out. You can include screengrabs, too, just watch what personal information you show.
I hope this helps!

*EDIT those pre-filled instructions I mentioned seem to be in the text boxes under more technical issues. In this text box (if you follow my posting advice), are some helpful links that could give you some insight on the issue you’re having. I would still create that new topic, if I were you, but with as much detail as possible (your OS, Brave browser version, are you a non-/ Creator, do you have a verified wallet (Uphold), etc.).
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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