My experience with Brave Rewards

My issue with Brave Rewards is…well, I really have no issue. I’ve been participating (mostly as an end user, and to a small degree as a Twitter “creator” and with a couple referrals) for about 3 months.

It’s exciting to take part in something that, if it really works out, could shift the online advertising dynamic for the better. I think one day I will be proud to have been engaged in the early days, and that is the great value for me, not the few dollars I am earning.

It’s true, there have been a few times my expectations have not been met, but in most of those cases it’s because my expectations weren’t quite accurate to begin with, as I am learning a new system. It’s possible I’ve “lost” a dollar or two here or there. I don’t care about that. I’ve actually made about $20, and that’s money I never would have made with any other web browser. I’m getting free money to be part of an experiment that I’d want to be part of anyway.

I just wanted to write this post because I see so many complaints on here. I appreciate the effort of the Brave staff to pull something off that could be really revolutionary. While it’s possible some of the complaints are legitimate, it does seem to me that if you feel that upset about a system that is acknowledged to be experimental and a work in progress, maybe you shouldn’t be participating. You might find yourself a lot less stressed out if you just go back to Firefox or Chrome or even just Brave without the Rewards activated, and you might ease some of the stress on the developers too. Please guys, think before you rant.

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