My browse brave lagging

I have a problem with my browser, only brave lagging , when i write , watching yt and just surfing.
I try delete data , reinstal nothing work.


@Froii Need the following information. It’s kind of a long list, but it’s getting necessary information as well as having you try some basic troubleshooting steps:

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • What operating system?

  • Do you experience this issue in Private Window?

  • If you create a new browser profile, do you have issues?

  • Are you using any extensions?

  • Does anything change if you turn off Shields?

  • What Shields settings are you using?

  • Is this happening on all sites or only some?

  • If you go to brave://settings/system and turn off Use hardware acceleration when available, so you see a difference?

Work when i turn off this.

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