Brave lags after update and brave shield is broken

So, I have a problem after last update of Brave browser that happened yesterday. Like, until recently it was working mostly fine. I was able to watch YouTube videos or hanging out in social media, such as twitter/X and Facebook. But after yesterday update Brave started to lag too much. For example, I start to watch a video on YouTube, and after that Brave starts to lag like hell. It lags so much that I can’t even watch the video. The same with websites like Facebook for example. When I enter the page and starting to look for what people are posting, everything seems to be fine, but just few seconds after that Brave starts to lag so much that I can’t simply scroll the page up or down. And because of this, I decided to report this problem and see if anyone can help me out in solving it. Because, I really like this Browser because of it’s privacy and it’s features, but for some reason since the last update I can’t normally use this browser do to a massive lag.

Now, I tried everything to solve this problem. I cleared my cache, restarted the browser, rebooted my computer and stuff like that but nothing seems to work. And as for the extensions, I don’t even have much of them. Just a few of them like adblock, VPN and tabs that helps me to browse my favorite websites faster, so I doubt that the lag problem is because of those 3 extensions. So yeah, I hope that someone can help me out here because, it is currently impossible to use this browser.

UPD: I also have this error on YouTube, when I start watching video, instead of actual video error shows up saying that “Error. Try again later” with error code 282054944. I wonder why it happens because, it was not happening before yesterdays update.

UPD2: I just now noticed that Brave shield became broken. Because, that error with the code that I mentioned above shows up only when I use Brave shield. But, if I turn off Brave shield and turn ON adblock plus, then it fixes that error for me and I can now watch videos with no problem.

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