Browser Has Been Lagging For a Few Weeks

Description of the issue:
Browser lags a lot. But not all the time, everywhere. Often it is fixed by refreshing the tab.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Use the browser

Expected result:
Fast browser

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.42.86 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81

Additional Information:
Things tried:

  1. Logging in and out after clearing cache
  2. Re-installing the browser, as it had stopped updated itself
  3. Disabling hardware acceleration

Of note:
I do keep a lot of tabs open
Only have one extension: Google Translate

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Is any antivirus or other security software (besides MS Defender) installed? If so, does anything change if you temporarily disable it?

Is anything set in brave://flags ? (Anything with a non-default setting will be sorted to the top, and will have a blue dot next to it.)

What settings do you have in brave://settings/shields/filters ?

Are you using ‘Secure DNS’ settings in Brave? What if you turn it off?

  • I run Avast antivirus software. Turned it off, rebooted Brave, problem persists
  • Not sure what you mean about “flags”
  • No filters
  • EDIT: Turning off secure DNS settings didn’t solve problem; might have made it worse, which doesn’t make any sense, but I don’t know what I’m talking about

Try turning off hardware acceleration in settings.

Please note item 3 on the things I tried. Thanks, though!

Diagnostic item of interest:

When YouTube hangs, clearing the cache will make it start again. But then the problem just starts right back up.

So clearing the cache / cookies works. But rather quickly the problem comes back.

If you open a Private window (Ctrl+Shift+N), then close your main (non-‘private’) windows so just the Private window is open, do you experience the lagginess there as well?

Does the issue occur if you create a new profile and try it in that profile? (Make sure your original profile does not have any open windows; only the new profile should be open.)

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Nope. Tried both. Problem came back.

Seemed like it might have been improved initially. And five minutes before I was prepared to declare victory it started up again.

UPDATE: I am reasonably sure something like the following is happening…

One of the tabs I generally keep open is delivering a cookie that messes with the browser. Because it does feel like maybe constant cookie clearing mostly solves the issue. But it has to be constant.

UPDATE 2: Near as I can tell, the browser seems to be misinformed that there’s no internet connection, sometimes. But it’s a hardwired ethernet connection. This isn’t a WiFi problem.

For future archeologists, I think I figured it out.

The WiFi was fine. The ethernet was acting up. Because of my habits, that obscured it wasn’t a Brave-specific problem.

Turns out, it seems, Verizon FIOS can bug out specifically on ethernet in a way solved by disabling IPv6 TCP Checksum Offload in the NIC settings. Link below.

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Did ur issue resolved
I m also experiencing youtube low fps and slow opening new tab…
So if u know something plzz help
I have alredy disbled hardware acc (before that my gpu usage was 20-25% for both rtx and integrated, but after rtx is 0% and inte is 17-20%)

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