Brave lagging :/

Im lagging a lot with brave and i dont know what to do, i reset my settings. Redownloaded it, reset cache, used beta.

What do i do, here is a video

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Just wanna say i have a 3090 / 5950x / 32 gb ram

Turn Hardware acceleration on or off and try which on works. Clear cache too.

Also, twitch data was leaked. So, change your password and have 2fa on, if you haven’t done it.

Yea i tried turning on or off hardware acceleration but that didnt work. I did clear cache aswell.

Thanks for telling me about the twitch leak, i already changed it :slight_smile:

1)download and install search tool Everything -

2)uninstall brave and search for keyword “brave” in c drive using the everything search tool.

  1. delete every files related to brave i.e cache files.

  2. search %temp% in windows…delete all files in this folder.

5)Right click on C drive >properties>disk cleanup…clean system files and cache files.

6)restart pc

7)install brave with fresh downloaded installer from Brave official site.

see this thread,i had same type of problem

Didnt work, what do i do

open a new profile in brave.see hereCapture
See if the problem continues?

Twitch can often feel more laggy when a channel has many users (and users posting). will lag often on any browser. (I’m on a 5950x, 2080S, 32G Ram).

Nope nothing works :confused:

Can you try in Brave Beta (with no extensions)

Nothing works, what is this this. I love brave and all but im thinking of switching to edge now. Tried it with edge and it worked perfectly fine there. PLEASE HELP ME BRAVE MODS OR DEVS PLEASE!

I know why it lagged, it was because of dashlane (password manager), why does it do this on brave but not other browsers?

Could be just intermittent, or a bad update. Would log a support ticket, and link this thread.

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