My broswer is no longer keeping my web sites logged in

Hi. When I put my topic in the subject above a bunch of similar issues popped up in the side window HOWEVER there is no way to read the entire post… only can see the topic. So that is no help. So I downloaded BRAVE due to no ads and no AI. Now suddenly you have an AI and I want to completely DISABLE it. I HAVE NO NEED for an AI to spy on me. But my issue is this. When I started using BRAVE it would save my most often used web sites so that I wouldn’t even have to log back in when I would reopen them. Now it’s not doing that. WHY and I WANT IT BACK. That was an AWESOME FEATURE. I mean this is my private computer Ishould be allowed to have as much or as little security as I want. And having to log back in to shopping web sites that make me use TEXT message codes every single time is a pain in the behind and UNECESSARY just to shop on Amazon or play a game. The way you organize your previous support issues is crazy and there is NO WAY to open one up to read any solution. WHY NOT? How is that helpful… If you guys give me some good help here I will likely upgrade to this premium and stuff. But if you are going to lower your standards and just turn into a nosy AI Microsoft Edge or Google then why even use the internet at all. That is how I am beginning to feel. Thank you.

You click on the topic and it takes you to it. Didn’t think to try to click?

AI doesn’t spy on you. Maybe try to research and learn more on it?

It still does that. It only logs you out if that website has set its cookies to expire in a shorter period of if you are doing something to delete cookies.

Take it up with those websites? Keep in mind that using Shields will randomize certain things about your device. When you return another day, it might appear like you’re using a different computer. This can trigger the website to question if it’s you and to end your session. I know some places, like bank accounts or Uphold, will automatically log you out regardless.

In terms of places like Amazon, Gmail, Crunchyroll, etc I tend to stay signed in and never had to login again. But then I’ll have some places like iCloud that will automatically disconnect my browser(s) ever so often. I haven’t learned the timing but think it’s like 2-4 weeks.

But a lot of things likely will be based on settings you have chosen, extensions you are using, or the cookie expiration dates set by the sites you’re using. The latter is especially true for anything you use 2FA on. 2FA is a huge headache in general. While more secure, this also tends to mean websites disconnecting more frequently.

Sure there is. You just have to click on it to open them. You can also search and sort through results as well, if you had thought to go to the search bar first. I kind of lightly touch on this at Search Before Posting