Brave keeps logging me out of YouTube and Google Account

Yea, I’m not really in a search of an answer why it this happening. I can see from searching, this problem exist FOR YEARS, for many users. I instaled Brave today, fresh, nothing on it, nothing changed - keeps logging me out of services like YouTube, Google. It’s a joke. YEARS, the same problem and devs done nothing. I’m sad, disgusted, because I was sure this browser would be perfect for me.

@Karamba usually this is only happening to people using 2FA. Do you use 2FA for your Google account?

yes and I’m not going to disable it because some devs are incompetent

@Karamba it has nothing to do with competency, but it does likely have everything to do with your settings and choices. You are using Shields, are you not? Do you have fingerprint protection?

Don’t forget that Shields uses a lot of farbling as part of that. When we return in later sessions, there can be enough changes bring presented to the website that it believes us to be returning on another device. Even if the cookie persists, the website wants to require another login for protection to make sure somebody didn’t just try to clone your cookies or something to gain access.

If you would like to turn off Shields completely or at least disable fingerprint protection for their sites, there’s a likelihood they will keep you logged in. Otherwise have to disable 2FA.

And yes, that’s a big thing about privacy. Usually privacy and convenience oppose each other. If we have places forget we visited or we come in a costume each time, they will stop us to make sure we belong.

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