Brave logged me out of every site after restarting my computer


Brave logged me out of every site after restarting my computer. I didn’t touch anything. b/c I never do.

I was shocked.

We are talking tons of windows & tons of tabs. EVERYTHING logged out.

I spoke to a guy about it & he said this has been a bug for a while now. :frowning:

Why hasn’t it been fixed?

First time this has ever happened to me.


First there is no such a bug in Windows.

Try this:

  1. Open Brave, Hold CTRL+SHIFT+N to open a private window; if this solves the problem check your extensions.

If issue persists,

  1. Open brave://settings/help, click on the verion, download the update and reinstall Brave; THis wont affect your wallet or profile.

You should have asked the guy for proof and then been able to share it. Just so you know, there’s no known bug in Brave or Windows that I’m aware of that just “logs you out of everything” simply by restarting the device.

It sounds like you have some setting, extension, or something that erased all of your cookies. Or it’s even possible you switched profiles on Brave and your info is there, but you’re use using the profile without it. I’m assuming you’re going to say that if you go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData that you don’t have anything checked off under On Exit, right? And you’re saying you never cleared anything yourself?

I know in a recent comment of yours, you mentioned you only have one profile. But in other places you mentioned you used many profiles. So I’m kind of curious which is true?

That part aside, what gets challenging is that people have responded to some of your other topics but then you stop replying or providing information to have things fixed. Such as back in December:

Going through the history, I see you seem to have a lot of issues on your device. I’m not sure if you have really bad luck, are good at trying to find bugs/issues and just don’t know what to do after, if you just need to get a new computer, or what in the world is going on. But you definitely rank up there on top of people who are always seeming to experience some kind of issue related to Brave! lol.

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How does opening a private window prove anything? I have NO sites/tabs open in incognito.

And Brave is up-to-date, but even if it wasn’t, that shouldn’t log me out of every site I was logged into.

It’s a troubleshooting step.

Opening in Private window helps to check if the issue might be related to extensions.

New Profile helps to see if it might be something in settings or in the profile itself causing problems.

However, not sure that either would help in your situation unless you’re being logged out every time you restart. But this was a one time deal, right?

Are you implying I have nothing better to do with my life then make up stories about the issues I have, pay people to help me, stress myself out unnecessarily, waste my time trying to deal with the issues, etc.? WOW.

I’m glad everything is fine with your computer & you are PERFECT! I don’t have money to buy a brand new $500-700 computer (it’s probably more now). I am low income & I work for FREE trying to save humanity from the war we are in.

What do you do all day? Try to find people you don’t like so you can catch them in lies???

And NO, I have nothing checked off for exit & I don’t have any new extensions that should delete all cookies although I just remembered that I turned on SessionBox, but I don’t remember if that was before or after I had this issue since it was a few days ago & I didn’t post this until a day after it happened.

After restarting this morning I also had to log into a few (not all) sites I was already logged into.

It feels like you are trying to catch me in lies which I do NOT appreciate at all.

I’m on a completely different computer (laptop) with only one profile b/c it’s not a great computer.

Baring that, I’ve been using it for over 8 months & this has NEVER happened to me before.

Brand new issue, or are you going to say I’ve reported this before & I’m making this up too???

And yes, I do happen to be good at finding bugs on sites & apps, but it’s NOT b/c I want them OBVIOUSLY!

Nope. I don’t “imply” anything. Literally, it’s part of personality and issues as someone who is autistic. I just say things exactly as I mean it. It is true that people have a bad habit of liking to read into things because they are used to sarcasm and the such, which can be a headache for me. But if you look at what I said, I meant it exactly as it’s written and am not making any other claims or implications along with it.

I’m disabled. No car and very little money. My day gets divided between helping people solve their issues here, doing the same on Reddit, reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games. Prior to that, I did a lot of different types of work. Most of my experience was in Security and Loss Prevention. But I also was the Chief Compliance Officer for a nonprofit, have volunteered with many organizations assisting homeless, and also assisted a friend with her nonprofit which assisted survivors of human trafficking. On occasion I still help them with little projects, but I’d be lying if I said that happened often these days due to me moving away and having medical issues as well.

Cool. Just is always one of the things that’s good to check. When working through a support angle, sometimes even the simplest things need to work. We scoff at it but I’ve had instances of asking, “is it plugged in?” only to find out it really wasn’t. Humans are all far from flawless and sometimes just have to be humble and start from the beginning, working your way through steps to see where things might have gone wrong.

Obviously can’t settle on that for an answer, but that’s something to keep in mind and possibly test in the future.

Something to keep track of then. I know there are some sites that I get logged out of even when I tell it to keep me logged in for 30 days or so. I haven’t let it bother me to keep track, but there may be some small underlying issue. It could also be from Shields, as it could be getting rid of the cookies/trackers that would be used to remember the login. So that would be another test eventually, if it replicates. Obviously if the issue doesn’t occur regularly, then it makes it harder to find the cause and know what to adjust.

No trying to catch you in lies. It’s pointing out how you’ve answered the same thing in different ways, so now needing to know which is accurate. The answer makes a significant difference on what to look at.

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