Issue with Browser in Windows 11

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing a peculiar issue with my laptop. Whenever I shut down my laptop, I am logged out of some websites but not all. This is happening only in Brave

For Example:
I am logged out of websites such as Amazon, Outlook, eBay, and Reddit and I am NOT logged out of Gmail and Facebook.

To troubleshoot this issue, I tried logging out of Gmail and Facebook and then re-logging in to see if a restart would log me out, but it did not log me out from these websites. They are still logged in.

I am unsure what is causing this issue with my laptop. Can you please provide some insight?

Thank you for your help.

Could you try in a new profile and tell if the same happens there?


Thanks for your Reply.
I was fiddling around in the settings, then I found this to be active
"Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows" Disabled it.
Seems working fine for now , will update if any problem arises in the future.

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