Brave keeps logging me out of sites

Hello, I recently started to have this weird problem with Brave. For some unknown reason to my, sometimes brave loggs me out of the sites that I am logged in.

This happens for youtube, facebook and reddit too.

Sometimes it “forgets” my settings on youtube like changing it to light mode instead of dark mode that I use all the time.

Any way to fix this?

Hi @NeedHelp1, welcome to Community!

Do you have clear browsing data on exit enabled? (brave://settings/clearBrowserData)
Also, do regularly clear your browsing data?

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No I dont, it is disabled and no I do not clear regulary browsing data

I’ve got a few things for you to go through and check off.

When you say Brave logs you out, is this after exiting Brave completely and starting a new session, or does it log you out if you close the tab and navigate back?

Do you use multiple profiles?

Do you have Auto Sign-in disabled? brave://settings/passwords

What are your Shield settings for this site. If you’re blocking all cookies it may not remember your log-in.

Can you trying clear the cache only brave://settings/clearBrowserData?

Also when you log into these sites, can you confirm you select remember me?

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It is after I close the brave completely, when I trun off my computer I press X on the top right corner.

No I only use one profile.

No it is enabled and I use it

Well I didnt mess with Shield settings in any way or shape of form.

I did cear the cache just now and it loged me out of all my sites.

Yes I do confirm that I select remember me.

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If you go to your cookies settings brave://settings/content/cookies, do you have Clear cookies and site data when you quit Brave enabled?

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No, that option is disabled. The one above it “Allow sites to save and read cookie data” is turned on if it helps

@NeedHelp1, thank you for being patience and working with us. I think the issue is that you have some corrupted site data.
You should go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData and clear your browsing data,
clear cookies and other site data and cached images and files for All time.
(which I believe you’ve done already)

This will log you out of all your sites (as you know), but once you login again, it should stay.

Can you test this out for me and let me know if it resolves your issue?
clear data --> log into site --> exit brave --> restart app update brave --> navigate to site

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Okay I did all this, whill report back if it happens again

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So it happened again but this thime it is diffrent. Last time I did whay you told and also I reseted all my options to default ones.

This time, it only reseted youtube, by that I mean I was still logged in but my location and language as well as dark theme were changed. This is really bizarre.

Can send a screen shot of your Shield settings while on youtube?
Are you using a VPN?
Do you have any extensions?

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Hey @Aa-ron

Here is the upload you requested.
I am not using and VPN. The only extension I use is the one from IDM (Internet Download Menager) and thats it.

Hi @NeedHelp1,
We’d like to try to further diagnose this issue, can you try creating a new profile and using Brave as you normally do, and seeing if site settings on e.g. youtube are reset again?

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Hello @Aa-ron,

Sorry for the late response, was preparing for the current situation with COVID-19. I tried to put it on new profil and the problem is still there for some odd reason. Should I try to reinstall brave?

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Are you using any sort of disk cleaners, softwares that remove unwanted files or clears caches? e.g. CCleaner?

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Also, is OP using any addons like µMatrix? :thinking:

I am using Malwerebytes if that helps in any way. As for other softwere I am not using them

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I dont even have any slight idea what is that hahaha

How often do you run Malwerebytes. Can you test running it and then seeing if your Brave settings is reset?

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