Brave Mobile Rewards unable to link/sync/verify to wallet(uphold)

This is my Brave rewards on my mobile(android)

ScreenHunter 12442
and this is my uphold wallet.

No matter how many times I tried to sync, log-in, “Verify” the wallet, my uphold wallet balance never get update.

ScreenHunter 12443
Based on uphold transaction history, on March I do receive some BAT from Brave, but it’s not full amount of BAT I earn from clicking ads. I thought Brave will pay eventually so I ignore it.

But after 1 month, after hundreds of clicking in March ~ April, earned about 5BAT (didn’t take screenshot), on 8 April I “Claim” the rewards as usual, in Reward Summary my BAT do updated, but it never sync and update to my uphold account. Which means, I never actually receive the BAT, just virtual number on Brave browser.

If the problem continues exist, I think we shouldn’t waste time on clicking ads anymore.

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