Linking brave mobile to my Uphold wallet has erased my BATs

Hello Brave community,

I have a registered and verified Uphold account that is linked to my Desktop’s browser’s Brave. Recently I installed Brave on my mobile and started the Reward program there too. I accumulated a small amount of BAT there, and until recently, I could not link my Phone’s Brave reward program to my Uphold wallet. But today (13/01/2022) i could finally link my Uphold wallet with my mobile browser, but doing so has erased the BAT I accumumated on my phone… There was only like 1.75 BAT but I imaginated they would transfer over to my Uphold walley, but it shows only my previous amount of BAT that I obtained with my desktop’s reward program.

Is there a way to recover the lost BAT ?
I thank you in advance for your answers !

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